Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks Ana White!

For those of you who have yet to visit her blog please do.. you will be pleasantly surprised. I myself am a confessed power tool junky.. yes my name is Elise and I love power tools.. given the choice I would rather go to Home Depot or Lowes than go to the mall and shop for shoes. I am a freak of nature? Maybe, but so be it!!
 I love Ana White's site. She has a superlicious collection of plans to build everything from a simple shelf to a full out bedroom suite. All easy to understand complete with the materials list broken down with the cut lengths and tools you need to complete the project. I have yet to tackle some of the larger projects Like these:

                                    Want this for my 5 year old.... to ambitious? We'll see!

or this would be sweet on my deck!

 I did use the inspiration from the Vintage Crate Cart Plan
which you can find  Here , to build these   

I constructed these from wood I reclaimed from some old pallets that were saved from being added to the trash by the guys replacing our roof. Since I decided that I wanted a label I could change when the use changed I added these chalkboard plaques make from some wood veneer I had stashed and painted with 3 coats of chalkboard paint. Just glue on with some Gorilla wood glue. I added some metal photo corners to the crate that says "books" to see how I would like it..... Think it adds a little something extra.. what do you think?  I really like the versatility of the crates, you can use them anywhere in the house to get yourself organized!  Think I will make some to sell!

Until next time,



  1. I love power tools too! and I had rather be in an old hardware store or HD/Lowes than try on shoes too! It's nice to meet a fellow freak!!: )

    I couldn't find your followers sign up.

  2. Hey us "freaks" got to stick together!!

  3. Those crates are awesome! You did a fantastic job!