Saturday, August 20, 2011

I swear I am gonna get to it & some eye candy

In my first official post I commented that I was going to get my basement cleaned and organized...... well I am getting there I swear but not just quite done. My loving mother did come over and made me throw stuff i have had for years and haven't used but was sure I  will use someday helped me get organized. And I didn't even need to feed her lunch, she actually brought me lunch! (Didn't I say she was lovely!) Anywhooo....after somewhat getting my sewing  stuff organized I quickly reallized that I still didn't have enough storage space ! Huh? What?  How did this happen I say to myself.. I purged myself of two garbage bags of valuable things I haven't used but possibly, someday might!!  By the way any one else out there like this? Scared to toss those 2 inch scraps of  ribbon, that stray button, empty coffee can or broken picture frame because you just know it will have a use someday? I hope its not a syndrome like my addiction to power tools.. In lue of this I am rethinking my strategy and causing me to re-re-organize my space. also thinking about how to spruce up the area since it is in the unfinished area of my basement. I will keep you updated .. meanwhile grap a napkin to wipe your drool as you lay your eyes on these crafters spaces.. to die for

Ikea inspired room, notice all the different lighting options..

Bright and cherry from

 Yummy wall color !

 I am in love with these next  two sweet spaces

The brightness and openness of this space would make me never want to leave!

So perfectly shabby!

 Maybe the ultimate crafters room? I said be prepared to drool didn't I ?

Until next time

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks Ana White!

For those of you who have yet to visit her blog please do.. you will be pleasantly surprised. I myself am a confessed power tool junky.. yes my name is Elise and I love power tools.. given the choice I would rather go to Home Depot or Lowes than go to the mall and shop for shoes. I am a freak of nature? Maybe, but so be it!!
 I love Ana White's site. She has a superlicious collection of plans to build everything from a simple shelf to a full out bedroom suite. All easy to understand complete with the materials list broken down with the cut lengths and tools you need to complete the project. I have yet to tackle some of the larger projects Like these:

                                    Want this for my 5 year old.... to ambitious? We'll see!

or this would be sweet on my deck!

 I did use the inspiration from the Vintage Crate Cart Plan
which you can find  Here , to build these   

I constructed these from wood I reclaimed from some old pallets that were saved from being added to the trash by the guys replacing our roof. Since I decided that I wanted a label I could change when the use changed I added these chalkboard plaques make from some wood veneer I had stashed and painted with 3 coats of chalkboard paint. Just glue on with some Gorilla wood glue. I added some metal photo corners to the crate that says "books" to see how I would like it..... Think it adds a little something extra.. what do you think?  I really like the versatility of the crates, you can use them anywhere in the house to get yourself organized!  Think I will make some to sell!

Until next time,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Antique silver tutorial

So here is my first tutorial... Having big expectations being my first I am hoping this will help give someone out there a inspiration to whip out their paintbrushes and get a little creative.  I have a  shiny, formal, cherry Queen Anne bedroom set that was screaming to be updated. Luckily the lovely Lane and her daughter stopped by and decided to let me use my imagination to give this set a new life!

See I told you shiny, shiny!!

I had found this spray paint last Christmas to update some terra cotta pots for my silver and white theme
Can you say loovvve!!

Tried it on this antique chair to update it and was very, very pleased with the results!

So with that in mind I set out to put this tutorial together!  First step was to remove the handles (2 each drawer ) and key hole covers from 19, yes I said 19 drawers! I thought I would never be done. But I finally was and so on to sanding, Who hoo!! Yah!! said in a sarcastic tone of voice cuz sanding is my least fav thing to do. (I did try to bribe my 19 year old but I guess he had something more important to do like to go to work)
 Sooo ....I lightly sanded all surfaces with a 220 grit to give the shiny some grip to hold the primer and paint. Did I mention there was 19 drawers? 

I said I prefer to use the Rustoleum grey auto primer, but that depends on the project. Since I knew I wanted a super smooth surface I used it this time. But sometimes I will use Kilz spray primer or the Kilz water based primer in a can if I am goint to do a distressed finish. 

Then I get to .. guess what sand again..

Then I vacuum all the dust and wipe with a damp cloth..

 I like to wait at least an hour between coats, especially with a gloss finish.. And don't touch the finish to see if it is dry.. learned my lesson as it leaves a funky black smudge.

I let dry 48 hours after the last coat before I started the antiquing process, just to make sure the surface was good and dry..

Then let the fun begin!!

I have on hand a cheap chip brush to apply the glaze which is 1 part black paint and 1 part glaze of your choice), couple of dry rags, a wet rag and gloves. I don't normally use gloves but with this finish I like to get messy

Then wipe with dry cloth first and then the wet rag 

Once you are finished and pleased with the results let completely dry and then protect your work with your choice of poly or wax. I used  a wipe on poly by Minwax this time.

And Wha la!!

I love how some of the mirror like finish still shows!

They haven't decided on the color of the drawer pulls yet but I am thinking black matte.. 

I hope I covered everything  and you get a chance to try this technique out.. If you are afraid to try on any furniture maybe try on a picture frame or a decorative lamp? Have questions please let me know and I will get back with you as soon as I can.. and please please send my pics of your finished pictures. I love to see what you are working on.

Until next time,

Sunday, July 31, 2011

the goods

Thought I would take a break from sanding on my next big project in the 100 degree heat ( going to do a tutorial on it, just wait and see!) to show you some goodies that my peeps Adam and Nicki just dropped off. I met Adam and Nicki a couple of months ago when they stopped by and purchased a super cute pearl pink dresser from me.. it was kismet!! There was the same love for all things beautiful, funky and unique..(just like me huh?lol)Since that fateful day they have brought me some vintage windows for my window boxes

And then today it was like my birthday!

Hello ladies, lovely arms and legs!

I am seeing robin egg blue and little birdies?

my favorite piece, how cool is this wooden box? Still has the railroad stickers on it!

And she also brought with her a wood curio that has been in her family for some time to work on. I just get so giddy when I get new things to work on ( I hope its not just me that has that reaction to old furniture) ideas swimming in my head.  With people like this on my side I have no where else to go but up in my business.. it makes me so excited and hopeful for the future!
 Thank you Adam and Nicki!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My first post, getting to know me!

Ok .. so here it goes.. my first posting!
 I will first tell you that I am a 42 year old mother of 4 crazy, messy, opinionatedrowdy  lovely children. Ages 19, 12, 10 and the youngest is 5 and getting ready to start kindergarten in three weeks! Yay!! oops did I say that out loud? Anyhoo we have 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs and live in Lees Summit, Missouri.  Starting this blog I look forward  to connecting  with others that are like me.. women that have a limited budget, a need to create and want their home to have that put together feeling no matter how not put together their real life may be. I have always been a believer of making due with what you have ( something that I have inherited from my mother) and I guess that is the basis of my desire to up cycle anything I can get my hands on. I love to paint, decoupage, sew, craft, draw, and most of all use power tools..( I would do the Tim the tool man grunt but I don't know how to type it!) Currently I sell my creations on Craigslist but am working on Trish at Good Juju in Kansas City to let me have a space.. Super cool shop where you can let your decorating imagination run wild. I will keep up on the progress with that..
Now that I have given you the lo-down on me lets get to the subject of my first post ...... duh duh dunnnn.. My craft / holiday storage area in the basement. It has gotten so bad I dread to go down there un-armed. So about a week ago I decided to take action.

I know everyone has that area if the house that is forbidden for visitors to see and this is my unmentionable area, and don't you feel lucky you are the first outside my immediate family that gets to see it! Got a free oak bookcase off CL :) and some bins to start and hopefully my mother figure will accept my  bribe  offer of lunch for her assistance and I will be able to show you some progress in my next post. I will also show you some pics of my current projects.. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to meeting others out in the blog world and sharing this experience with me.. until next time.....