Saturday, August 20, 2011

I swear I am gonna get to it & some eye candy

In my first official post I commented that I was going to get my basement cleaned and organized...... well I am getting there I swear but not just quite done. My loving mother did come over and made me throw stuff i have had for years and haven't used but was sure I  will use someday helped me get organized. And I didn't even need to feed her lunch, she actually brought me lunch! (Didn't I say she was lovely!) Anywhooo....after somewhat getting my sewing  stuff organized I quickly reallized that I still didn't have enough storage space ! Huh? What?  How did this happen I say to myself.. I purged myself of two garbage bags of valuable things I haven't used but possibly, someday might!!  By the way any one else out there like this? Scared to toss those 2 inch scraps of  ribbon, that stray button, empty coffee can or broken picture frame because you just know it will have a use someday? I hope its not a syndrome like my addiction to power tools.. In lue of this I am rethinking my strategy and causing me to re-re-organize my space. also thinking about how to spruce up the area since it is in the unfinished area of my basement. I will keep you updated .. meanwhile grap a napkin to wipe your drool as you lay your eyes on these crafters spaces.. to die for

Ikea inspired room, notice all the different lighting options..

Bright and cherry from

 Yummy wall color !

 I am in love with these next  two sweet spaces

The brightness and openness of this space would make me never want to leave!

So perfectly shabby!

 Maybe the ultimate crafters room? I said be prepared to drool didn't I ?

Until next time

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