Sunday, July 31, 2011

the goods

Thought I would take a break from sanding on my next big project in the 100 degree heat ( going to do a tutorial on it, just wait and see!) to show you some goodies that my peeps Adam and Nicki just dropped off. I met Adam and Nicki a couple of months ago when they stopped by and purchased a super cute pearl pink dresser from me.. it was kismet!! There was the same love for all things beautiful, funky and unique..(just like me huh?lol)Since that fateful day they have brought me some vintage windows for my window boxes

And then today it was like my birthday!

Hello ladies, lovely arms and legs!

I am seeing robin egg blue and little birdies?

my favorite piece, how cool is this wooden box? Still has the railroad stickers on it!

And she also brought with her a wood curio that has been in her family for some time to work on. I just get so giddy when I get new things to work on ( I hope its not just me that has that reaction to old furniture) ideas swimming in my head.  With people like this on my side I have no where else to go but up in my business.. it makes me so excited and hopeful for the future!
 Thank you Adam and Nicki!!

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  1. I am so honored and excited to be your first follower!!!! How Cool! Thanks for taking our button and posting it on your sidebar!! I am thrilled to be following your blog from the beginning!! Thank your 19 year old from us!